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How do I get the office footjob scene?

is this game done?

Says it's released


when the wedding event came and How? please tell me? 😅😅

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Great game i like it this is great!

Edit: please add cosplay like dressing up as different things and acting. like heroine for example can be the teacher and your the student or something like that.

İf i have steam version, can you send me apk version here?

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[Steam Version]
When it comes to meeting Her parents, the name we gave Her is not used in namespaces that are referring to Her as their daughter. Instead, it's replaced with Girl, which feels odd to us.

Hi, the android beta as been going on for a while, will it be final at some point soon?

how do I get the steam code?

when you go to the download you should see something that says claim steam key or whatever when you scroll down

Bdsm on android?

was stated 2 months ago that it's coming later.  i think they have a lot of work on the android version before they can get the dlc version added (because there's no way for android to do DLC the way APKs are made)

Will there be future updates with more girls or just one girl?

for some reason i cant get the sex in the woods event even after 2 different saves, is there a way i can activate with console commands because i want to try the dlc

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This event should start at work, are you fired? If you’re fired, then go back to work (Talk to the girl).

Full list of conditions:

  • Ask about the girl’s past 6 times;
  • More than 3 times to go for a walk in the forest;
  • You and the girl must have a job;
  • Day > 60;
  • The event will start on Monday,

Make sure you have all the conditions. If even then you do not have an event, then send your save file to us, we will check it.

Anal sex?

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Anal sex is in the BDSM DLC, it is added in 12 old scenes, you need to buy anal lube and a buttplug and equip it.

I Buy this game before 5 min I include BDSM DLC ? or should I but DLC

Anal sex is only available in the DLC. Unpack the DLC archive into the game folder.

already asked but ... Android??

Hello, the dlc is available in android ???

Android version for DLC will be added later.

oh thanks I waiting for :)

I downloaded this a while ago and I'm thinking of buying it again. Is there audio during lewd scenes?




how do u use mod menu


Can you add an option to change the skin color of the girl?


Such a good game! Nice work!


Is Android version completed?


how do i adopt a cat


How much ram does it need to run on android?

Please answer


are you serious?

unless your android device is a low end device, it should work, but keep in mind there's a lot of content on the APK (it's huge) so if your android device is incapable of handling dynamic images and content then you should just replace your device (RAM is limited by whatever device you own)


how to unlock the new house?


This will trigger the event:

  • Any casual outfit;
  • 500+ relationship;
  • 10k+ zodiacoins.

After that the button “Buy the new house” (12k zodiacoins) will appear at the top of the screen.


Can you make it free hentai game because i want to play this game. Please




They need the money to feed and support themselves. This might be their major source of income.


its a good game, buy it, or is there a legal reason you cant buy it, maybe age issues??? from the way you talk it sure sounds like it.


Is the android port done?

This is a beta version of the port, it will be improved. Suggestions for improvement you can send to

hey just want to know when you unlock the Garage and the cars in the game?


The garage is only available in the new house, it costs 12,000 zodiacoins.


o i see got it thanks


hey i'm new here just want to know if i buy the game do i have to pay for it every month or just once

You will only pay once. You will have access to all versions, including new updates and a future Android version.

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do u guys have a discord server?

Yes, join our Discord Server:


Can you ad a demo on the web?

Zodiacus Games, I have two questions for you, the first is a suggestion for the promotion of your game, why don't you add Her New Memory on Google Play Store only with Censorship, and the uncensored version players download here, that it would be really good for your game, and the second question is is the game going to be on steam?

1. We are still working on an Android port, we'll think about this way.
2. The game is on Steam from June 19, 2020 (Early Access):

Got it, I've been looking forward to the mobile version 👍🥰


Oh boy, I swear I'll buy as fast as I can when the game releases on Android <3


Congratulations for the v1.0! I will buy it when it the Android version comes out.

Is there any news about the full release?

The release is expected after the end of the lunar sale, within a week.

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oh thanks


Any plans on adding pregnancy to the game? 


We do not plan to add pregnancy, the game will end with a wedding.

Extra Hours before she starts working: $180
Extra Hours after she starts working: $170 ($150+$20)

We earn less money after she starts working… We kind of want to go back to before we spoke to her about work and avoid asking how she feels and chatting with her so we can continue to buy things faster…

These two parameters are not related, are you sure that you were not demoted at work by the time the girl started working? What position are you in now?

1: How do we know what position we're in?

2: We've worked extra long every work day, except one, and haven't missed a day of work… so why would we get demoted…?

Also, the decreased pay started on her first day of work after we bought her work clothes; thus our reason for connecting the decreased pay to her working, as it was the only time we've seen any change in pay.

how do i get the cowgirl and reverse cow girl because i can't get them...oh and could anyone help me get the office footjob on

To unlock Cowgirl and Reverse Cowgirl you need to:

  • Buy any 'Luxury Dress' (it will be available after purchase "Cute Dress");
  • Talk to the girl (Talk -> Chat).

To get the Office Footjob:

  • The girl must earn more than 1000 zodiacoins and you need to choose a normal working day.


when is it gonna be available for Android devices?

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After the release of version 1.0, around December / February.

This is great news, I played a android version port of your game, and it's really good, can't wait for the official version.

A bit slow for my liking, but luckily it was cheap. Just not for me

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